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About Us
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for people.   Colossians 3:23

Our Mission

At Greenware Systems, our mission is to create quality software solutions and support services that exceed your expectations by fostering innovation, creativity, and productivity for companies of all sizes. We strive to lead in the innovation, development, and manufacture of the most advanced information technologies - our goal is translating these technologies into value for our customers by helping them use and apply them for improving service to their customers, enhancing their competitive position in the marketplace, and increasing their profitability. We are single minded in our commitment to this mission, and this will remain our singular focus.

Greenware Systems possesses a passionate commitment to business excellence where speed, innovation, and quality are at the crux of its being. Where this is our passion, our obsession resides in how we serve our customers. Building relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Obtaining an intimate understanding of our clients' specific needs, creating a shared vision and guiding our clients through the process of transforming that vision into reality by developing the best possible software to facilitate that vision.


Greenware Systems, Inc started in May of 1996 developing custom programs using Microsoft Visual Basic and FoxPro. A couple years later, websites were added to their services and their skill in programming allowed them to not only create graphical marketing sites, but also interactive sites that allowed their customers to log in, update data, and query reports.

Their skill has greatly grown over the years and they are now capable of developing full-blown applications run entirely over the internet. Many companies are now preferring this method as they can opereate their business from anywhere in the world and there is no longer any need to install complicated software on each workstation. If they have a browser and a connection to the interenet (and the appropriate passwords of course), they can access their information.

Because not all companies need or even want this type of access, Greenware Systems still find themselves developing PC and Networked programs using Microsoft's development tools. And as new development tools continue to appear, the two types of programming styles are quickly merging into the same giving Greenware Systems the ability to create even more powerful and flexable business applications.
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